Pop Quiz!

Please read all directions before starting. Do not attempt to answer questions 3, 6.5, and 11. All even questions must not be answered in pig latin. All odd questions must be answered in brief.

1. Name three unmemorable things about Lepidus. Name one.

2. Rank the following love affairs. (Be passionate)

          a) Caesar and Cleopatra

          b) Antony and Cleopatra

          c) the Asp and Cleopatra

3. What the hell are the Ides of March?

4. Who is a better role model for women, Lucretia or the wolf?

5. Confuse Brutus (x 2)

6. Compose a dirge for the second triumvirate. (Be lyrical)

7. Does invading Russia in the winter ever work?

          a) no

          b) nope

          c) never

8. Illustrate how many elephants Sextus Pompey should have used against Octavian. (Draw full-scale, please)

9. Compare and contrast Cassius.

10. Predict:

           a) how many future artists will misinterpret the “Rape of the Sabine women.”

           b) how many high school students just snickered at that phrase.


Pop Quiz!

Read all directions before starting the quiz. Do not attempt to answer more than one question at a time. Do not attempt to answer question 11. Do not answer in Latin. Pig latin, however, is acceptable.

1. If Remus had won, would Rome be called Reme? (discuss briefly)

          extra credit: Is Reme a ridiculous name for a city?

                        a) yes

2. In one word or less, describe the importance of the cult of Jupiter to a castrated bull. (No mooing, please.)

3. Who the hell came up with “Peloponnesian” anyway?

4. Are you confused by:

       a) Marius

       b) Sulla

      c) the Senate

5. What is it with Romans and Elephants?

6. Compare and contrast Spartacus.

7. How often did Caesar put Gaul to the fire and/or the sword? (discuss inflammably)

8. Would Pompey marry:

       a) a cross-eyed Senator

      b) the she-wolf

      c) a potato

9. Could this have all been avoided in the first place? Why not?